Financial Information

The Transparency Stars program requires a local government to make available certain information relating to its traditional finances, including financial reports, budgets and data on revenues, expenditures and taxes.

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The Port of Houston Authority is pleased to provide this and other information so that all stakeholders, including taxpayers, labor, industry partners, shippers, and community leaders may better understand how the public’s money is being used to promote economic development and international trade to benefit the region, state and the nation.

These documents are available to download in PDF format or Microsoft Excel:


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Financial Summary 2017-1231
Financial Summary 2016-1231
Financial Summary 2016-0801
Revenues and Expenditures 2013-2017 (Excel)
Property Tax Rate 2013-2017 (Excel)
Special Purpose District Report 2018-0404
Traditional Finances Star 2016-1214

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Controller’s Office is responsible for operating a governmental accounting system to ensure that all financial transactions are conducted and reported in accordance with statutory requirements and generally accepted accounting principles, including pronouncements issued by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (“GASB”). The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (“CAFR”) is usually completed within 120 days after the end of each fiscal year.

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2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Operating and Capital Budgets

By statute, the Port Commission adopts an annual budget and one-year capital plan. Staff also prepares a mid-range (five-year) plan to be presented at an open meeting of the Port Commission, but that document is not required to be adopted. Budget reforecasts and updates may also be prepared. Note that these budgets do not include tax revenues or debt service payments related to the Port Authority’s tax bonds.

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2018 Budget Letter
2018 Operating and Capital Budget – Approved
2018 Operating Budget – Approved (Excel)
2018-2022 Five Year Plan
2018-2022 Five Year Plan (Excel)
2017 Operating and Capital Budget – Reforecast Aug 2017
2017 Budget Letter
2017 Operating and Capital Budget- Approved
2017 Operating Budget- Approved (Excel)
2017-2021 Five Year Plan
2017-2021 Five Year Plan (Excel)
2016 Operating and Capital Budget -Reforecast Aug 2016
2016 Budget Letter
2016 Operating and Capital Budget – Approved
2016 Operating Budget – Approved (Excel)
2016-2020 Five Year Plan
2016-2020 Five Year Plan (Excel)
2015 Operating and Capital Budget – Reforecast Aug 2015
2015 Budget Letter
2015 Operating and Capital Budget – Approved
2015 Operating Budget – Approved (Excel)
2015-2019 Five Year Plan
2015-2019 Five Year Plan (Excel)
2014 Operating and Capital Budget – Reforecast July 2014
2014 Budget Letter
2014 Operating and Capital Budget – Approved
2014 Operating Budget – Approved (Excel)
2014-2018 Five Year Plan
2014-2018 Five Year Plan (Excel)
2013 Operating and Capital Budget – Reforecast July 2013
2013 Operating and Capital Budget – Reforecast July 2013 – Detail
2013 Operating and Capital Budget – Approved
2013 Operating Budget – Approved (Excel)
2013-2017 Five-Year Plan – Update July 2013
2013-2017 Five-Year Plan – Update July 2013 – Detail
2013-2017 Five-Year Plan
2013-2017 Five-Year Plan (Excel)
2012 Operating Budget – Approved

Check Registers

The check registers below (in PDF and Excel versions) reflect all disbursements made by the Port Authority, whether paid via check, ACH transfer, wire transfer or direct deposit.  The payments are separated into three sections:  (1) Payroll, (2) Operating and (3) Promotion & Development.

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2018 Check Register (Excel)
2018 Check Register (PDF)
2017 Check Register (Excel)
2017 Check Register (PDF)
2016 Check Register (Excel)
2016 Check Register (PDF)
2015 Check Register (Excel)
2015 Check Register (PDF)
2014 Check Register (Excel)
2014 Check Register (PDF)
2013 Check Register (Excel)
2013 Check Register (PDF)

Financial Statements (Unaudited)

The Port Authority releases its monthly unaudited financial statements, including a balance sheet and income statement.  Please note that the balance sheet includes all outstanding tax bonds issued by the Port Authority as liabilities, however, the income statement does not reflect any tax revenues or debt service payments related to its tax bonds.

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Financial Statements 2018-04
Financial Statements 2018-03
Financial Statements 2018-02
Financial Statements 2018-01
Financial Statements 2017-12
Financial Statements 2017-11
Financial Statements 2017-10
Financial Statements 2017-09
Financial Statements 2017-08
Financial Statements 2017-07
Financial Statements 2017-06
Financial Statements 2017-05
Financial Statements 2017-04
Financial Statements 2017-03
Financial Statements 2017-02
Financial Statements 2017-01
Financial Statements 2016-12
Financial Statements 2016-11
Financial Statements 2016-10
Financial Statements 2016-09
Financial Statements 2016-08
Financial Statements 2016-07
Financial Statements 2016-06
Financial Statements 2016-05
Financial Statements 2016-04
Financial Statements 2016-03
Financial Statements 2016-02
Financial Statements 2016-01
Financial Statements 2015-12
Financial Statements 2015-11
Financial Statements 2015-10
Financial Statements 2015-09
Financial Statements 2015-08
Financial Statements 2015-07
Financial Statements 2015-06
Financial Statements 2015-05
Financial Statements 2015-04
Financial Statements 2015-03
Financial Statements 2015-02
Financial Statements 2015-01


In accordance with Chapter 2256, Texas Government Code (“Public Funds Investment Act”), and its investment policy, the Port Authority’s investment officer submits quarterly investment reports to the Port Commission.

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Investment Disclosure 2018-01
Internal Controls for Investments 2017-10
Internal Controls for Investments 2016-10
Internal Controls for Investments 2015-10
Investment Policy 2017-10
Investment Policy 2016-10
Investment Policy 2015-10
Investment Report 2018 Q1
Investment Report 2017 Q4
Investment Report 2017 Q3
Investment Report 2017 Q2
Investment Report 2017 Q1
Investment Report 2016 Q4
Investment Report 2016 Q3
Investment Report 2016 Q2
Investment Report 2016 Q1
Investment Report 2015 Q4
Investment Report 2015 Q3
Investment Report 2015 Q2
Investment Report 2015 Q1


Internal Audit

By statute, the Port Authority’s Internal Audit Department conducts an annual risk assessment.

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Annual Audit Plan Report 2018-0130
Audit Committee Charter 2017-0926
Internal Audit Charter 2017-0926
Risk Assessment Report 2016-1206

Other Audit Reports

This section contains audit reports performed by external auditors, including the most recent reports on federal grant programs.

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Federal and State Awards Single Audit Report 2017
Federal and State Awards Single Audit Report 2016
Federal and State Awards Single Audit Report 2014
Federal and State Awards Single Audit Report 2013
Federal and State Awards Single Audit Report 2012

Promotion and Development Fund

By statute, the Port Authority makes available information on Promotion and Development Fund expenditures, including details of Port Commissioner travel.

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P&D Audited Financial Statements 2017
P&D Audited Financial Statements 2016
P&D Audited Financial Statements 2015
P&D Report 2018-03
P&D Report 2018-02
P&D Report 2018-01
P&D Report 2017-12
P&D Report 2017-11
P&D Report 2017-10
P&D Report 2017-09
P&D Report 2017-08
P&D Report 2017-07
P&D Report 2017-06
P&D Report 2017-05
P&D Report 2017-04
P&D Report 2017-03
P&D Report 2017-02
P&D Report 2017-01
P&D Report 2016-12
P&D Report 2016-11
P&D Report 2016-10
P&D Report 2016-09
P&D Report 2016-08
P&D Report 2016-07
P&D Report 2016-06
P&D Report 2016-05
P&D Report 2016-04
P&D Report 2016-03
P&D Report 2016-02
P&D Report 2016-01
P&D Report 2015-12
P&D Report 2015-11
P&D Report 2015-10
P&D Report 2015-09
P&D Report 2015-08
P&D Report 2015-07
P&D Report 2015-06
P&D Report 2015-05
P&D Report 2015-04
P&D Report 2015-03
P&D Report 2015-02
P&D Report 2015-01


The Port Authority’s Accounting Department is responsible for preparing reports on cargo and tonnage statistics.

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General Statistical Data Packet 2017-12
General Statistical Data Packet 2016-12
General Statistical Data Packet 2015-12
Statistics 2018-04
Statistics 2018-03
Statistics 2018-02
Statistics 2018-01
Statistics 2017-12
Statistics 2017-11
Statistics 2017-10
Statistics 2017-09
Statistics 2017-08
Statistics 2017-07
Statistics 2017-06
Statistics 2017-05
Statistics 2017-04
Statistics 2017-03
Statistics 2017-02
Statistics 2017-01
Statistics 2016-12
Statistics 2016-11
Statistics 2016-10
Statistics 2016-09
Statistics 2016-08
Statistics 2016-07
Statistics 2016-06
Statistics 2016-05
Statistics 2016-04
Statistics 2016-03
Statistics 2016-02
Statistics 2016-01
Statistics 2015-12
Statistics 2015-11
Statistics 2015-10
Statistics 2015-09
Statistics 2015-08
Statistics 2015-07
Statistics 2015-06
Statistics 2015-05
Statistics 2015-04
Statistics 2015-03
Statistics 2015-02
Statistics 2015-01
Bulk Plant Tonnage 2006-2017
Bulk Plant Tonnage 2005-2016
Bulk Plant Tonnage 2004-2015
Container TEUs 2006-2017
Container TEUs 2005-2016
Container TEUs 2004-2015
Operating Revenue 2006-2017
Operating Revenue 2005-2016
Operating Revenue 2004-2015
Revenue Tonnage 2006-2017
Revenue Tonnage 2005-2016
Revenue Tonnage 2004-2015
Steel 2006-2017
Steel 2005-2016
Steel 2004-2015
Total Tonnage 2006-2017
Total Tonnage 2005-2016
Total Tonnage 2004-2015
Vessel Calls 2006-2017
Vessel Calls 2005-2016
Vessel Calls 2004-2015

Other Financial Information

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Revenues 2017
Revenues 2016
Revenues 2015
Expenses 2017
Expenses 2016
Expenses 2015
Foreign Trade 2017
Foreign Trade 2016
Foreign Trade 2015
Employees by Type 2008-2017
Employees by Type 2007-2016
Employees by Type 2006-2015

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