Future Projects


The Port Houston plans to undertake significant infrastructure improvements in the next few years to ensure that the greater Port of Houston can accommodate the advent of larger vessels and increased cargo resulting from the Panama Canal expansion, as well as the expected future demographic growth in the region.

Maintaining and improving efficiency at the public terminals through more modern facilities and equipment is essential to meeting one of our mandates – to promote and facilitate commerce to benefit not only our local partners, but also Texas and the nation.

For 2016, the Port Commission approved an aggregate capital budget amount of $314 million for various infrastructure projects.  In accordance with statute, however, any individual capital project or expenditure exceeding $50,000 must be presented and acted on by the Port Commission at a public meeting.

The quarterly Upcoming Construction Projects Report provides information on major infrastructure projects planned over the next couple of years at various Port Houston terminals and facilities.  It can be found on the port’s procurement page and includes a contact name and phone number for each project.  For questions on this report, you may also contact the Project and Construction Management Department at 713-670-2400.