Carrier Services

Port Houston works with many ocean carriers and shipping alliances internationally providing service on all major trade lanes. As we move the world and drive regional prosperity, we strive to serve importers and exporters with top customer service and support.



Need to find a carrier’s schedule or transit times for a shipping route? See brochures of their direct services and schedules below:

The container service schedule for the Bayport and Barbours Cut Container Terminals

Contact information for the container liner services that serve Port Houston terminals

The breakbulk and general cargo service schedule  for all Port Houston breakbulk and project cargo terminals

Contact information for the breakbulk and project cargo liner services that serve Port Houston terminals

In order to deliver the best service to its customers, Port Houston has gathered the information on transit times from carriers’ websites.  Even though we want to provide the most updated and accurate information, transit times are subject to frequent changes.  Therefore, Port Houston cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Please contact the carrier or agent directly for the latest schedule.