Breakbulk and Project Cargo Terminal Security and Access

Truck drivers delivering or picking up cargo without a valid TWIC will need to be escorted by a Port Houston-approved escort into all secure restricted area entry points.  Truck Drivers will need to proceed first to Cargo Bay Road for prescreening.  If all paperwork and driver TWIC’s are valid and complete then truck will proceed to Ramp Road 6 and then to desired stevedore area.  If truck drivers do not have a valid TWIC or correct documents for cargo transport, truck drivers will proceed to the truck office located next to the executive building for processing.

Taxicabs are allowed on lower level with a valid TWIC.  For transporting vessel crew, all crew will need their CBP issued shore pass and a copy of their passport.

Vendors/Visitors shall be placed on the gate list by contacting the desired Port Houston tenant, employee or agent who is handling vessel that needs to be visited.  Vendors/Visitors are allowed access only through ramp road 6 gate.

Ship Agents shall file their gate lists electronically using the electronic Visitor Management System, for all visitors, vendors and crew members by specific ship, according to current security procedures. Contact the ship agent for access to a vessel.

Port Houston Tenants shall file their gate lists electronically using the Visitor Management System for all visitors and vendors required for specific work, according to current security procedures.

Port Houston Employees shall file their gate lists electronically using the Visitor Management System for all visitors, vendors, and contractors requiring access for specific work.

Persons wishing to access any secure restricted area without a TWIC must be escorted by an approved escort or by consulting with the desired stevedore.  A port approved escort list can be found by contacting the Turning Basin Truck Office at 713-670-2500. You can find an approved list of TWIC escort companies for Port Houston facilities here.

Contact Port Police at 713-670-3600 for additional information. The Facility Security Officer (FSO) for the Turning Basin facility is Mike Ziesemer, who can be reached at 713-670-3642.