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Business Equity Quotes

Port Houston Business Equity Launch Event with Mayor Turner, Commissioner Garcia, Commissioner Ellis, Commissioner Creuzot and Commissioner Cloonan

“Port Houston is in an exciting position to provide better opportunity for minority- and woman-owned businesses. With the new Business Equity initiative we are doing just that. We are creating a race and gender conscious program for our procurements along with other resources to assist those who want to do business with Port Houston. Small, minority- and woman-owned businesses have so much to offer and when they succeed, we succeed.” – Chairman of the Port Houston Commission Ric Campo

“As a pillar of the Houston and Texas economy, Port Houston is eager to demonstrate its commitment to affording opportunity for all. The new Business Equity Division at Port Houston will provide a roadmap and tools including trainings, workshops, and easier access to Port Houston’s procurements, with a goal to benefit small, minority-, and woman-owned businesses. We at Port Houston are thrilled to launch this vital initiative to realize the positive impact it can make in all our neighboring communities and beyond.” – Port Houston Commissioner Wendy Montoya Cloonan

“Today is a remarkable step forward and it is with deep regret that I am not with you all. The port is the crown jewel of our economy. But like economic opportunity, the port has not historically been accessible to all. We’ve worked hard to knock down barriers and I congratulate the Business Equity Committee and all who have strived to make this moment possible. Together, we are ensuring that our county continues to be a model for opportunity and competition, and that entrepreneurs aren’t fighting with one hand tied behind their back.” – Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo

“I want to extend my congratulations to the Port Houston on their Business Equity initiative. We know that minority and women-owned businesses face an uphill climb in navigating the procurement process, and this initiative will open new doors and create opportunities for those who would normally get left behind. Equitable economic opportunity benefits everyone, and I know that this initiative will make Port Houston – and our county – stronger.” – Harris County Commissioner Precinct 1 Rodney Ellis