Community Feedback

Comments, Compliments, Suggestions or Complaints

Thank you for providing your feedback. It is important, and helps our organization be a better neighbor to the many communities located near port facilities.

If you are submitting a comment, compliment or suggestion, please submit your feedback below.

If you are filing a complaint, please provide us with specific details, including sights, sounds and smells, so we can best investigate and resolve the issue. Following receipt of your information, we will:

• Promptly assess the information,
• Make every reasonable effort to resolve your complaint,
• Respond to you advising of the actions we are taking or plan to take within 24 hours of the next business day, and
• Regularly notify you of the status of your complaint until a resolution is provided to you

You may also contact us by e-mailing or by calling our Community Information Line at 713-670-1000.

Thank you again for providing your feedback.