Dredging & Marine Permits & Licenses

Parties wanting to use Port of Houston Authority property must submit an application with sufficient detail to allow for a thorough evaluation of the application. Permission to use Port Authority property for appropriate purposes is granted by license or permit. Channel Development manages certain licenses and permits.

Please email all submittals to Chandev@porthouston.com. To make an online payment for applications or licenses fees, click here.


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Barge Fleeting/Barge Staging Lease Application

Dredged Material Placement Agreement

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Licenses are issued for new or modification of existing installations of pipelines, transmission or distribution lines, fiber optic lines, or cables. Licenses are also issued for monitoring wells, cathodic protection systems, and surface sites.

Right of Entry & Temporary Access

Parties seeking temporary access to Port Authority property for a specified entry use, such as survey work, should submit a temporary access license application.


Marine construction permits are issued for new construction or modification of marine structures such as docks, mooring pilings, spud barges, and dredging, and marine uses such as barge fleeting or staging. Applicants are encouraged to consult with Channel Development concerning the types and levels of detail required. Applicants whose projects require a Federal, City, or County permit are encouraged to apply for that permit concurrent with this application.


Leases are issued for the use of Port Authority owned or managed submerged land for barge fleeting and staging, industrial, commercial, or similar use.

Dredged Material Placement Agreements

Parties proposing to use Port Authority owned dredged material placement areas (DMPA) for their dredging project should submit a dredged material placement agreement application. The application will be processed concurrently with the USACE permit application. Seventy-five percent of the dredged material placement fee must be paid prior to execution of the agreement and the balance upon completion of the work.

NOTE: Performing work on Port Authority property or submerged lands owned by the Port Authority without an executed license/permit is a serious offense. In the event of unauthorized work on Port Authority property, such unauthorized installations are subject to removal (at violator’s expense) and violators may be subject to penalties.