The seven-member Port Commission is the governing body of the Port of Houston Authority, and among its other responsibilities is responsible for Port Authority-wide policy making. This section includes these policies, other governance documents and instructions for making public information requests.

The Port of Houston Authority is a public entity established as a navigation district under the Texas Constitution and various general and special laws of Texas. The laws governing Port Houston are found primarily in Chapter 5007 of the Texas Special District Local Laws Code, the Texas Water Code and the Texas Local Government Code. Good governance, openness and public trust are important to Port Houston, and it has established policies documenting its governance practices, its code of ethics and other standards and procedures.

There are local, state and federal governmental entities that are stakeholders in the Port of Houston Authority. The members of the Port Commission are appointed by four local jurisdictions; the State of Texas authorized the creation of the Port of Houston Authority as a navigation district and granted certain property to it; and the federal government partners with Port Houston in some of its most important projects, including the maintenance of the Houston Ship Channel.

The Port’s Government Relations department acts as the liaison between the Port of Houston Authority and its local, state and federal government stakeholders. The department’s functions include informing and educating elected officials and regulatory agencies on issues that affect the port by hosting briefings and tours, as well as responding to requests.