Policies, Procedures and Standards

Openness and maintaining public trust are core values of the Port Authority; to help maintain these values, this page makes available policies that document its governance practices, its code of ethics and other policy and procedures.

Port Commission policies on this website are in effect as of the posting date shown. The Port Commission may adopt, revise, or delete policies, and any such changes will take effect at the time adopted. The Port Authority strives to keep this site current. However, if you are relying on a current policy for specific action or guidance, please contact the Port Authority at 713-670-2400 to ensure the policy posted is up to date.

We invite you to click any of the following links for policy, procedure and standards that document Port Authority governance practices:

Amended Local Preference Program and Policy – December 2017
Approving and Funding Employee Meals (Standards)
Approving and Funding Local Port Commissioner and Employee Meals (Policy)
Barge Fleeting Leasing Policy
Barge Fleeting Leasing Standards and Procedures
Code of Ethics
Community and Stakeholder Engagement Policy
Cybersecurity Policy
Environmental Policy
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Compliance Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Insurance Program and Indemnification Policy – 2018
Local Preference Program Standards and Procedures – December 2017
Misconduct Reporting Policy
Office of Foreign Assets Control Compliance Policy
Procurement Policy
Promotion and Development Fund Policy and Standards
Public Comment Policy 
Security Management Policy
Small Business Development Program Policy and Procedures
Small Business Development Program Policy and Procedures, Amendment of Section V(G)(2)(e)
Standards for Employee Interaction with Interested Parties 
Strategic Planning Policy 
Travel, Meals, Business Entertainment and Reimbursement Policy
Travel, Meals, Business Entertainment and Reimbursement Policy, Amendment of Section IV
Vendor Protest Procedure

The Port Commission currently has four standing committees and a task force, each comprised of three or more commissioners. The Audit Committee advises on the Port Authority’s financial statements, its accounting and financial reporting processes and financial statement audits. The Community Relations Committee primarily assists the Port Commission in creating, updating and monitoring the Port Authority’s Community Relations Program policies and procedures. The Compensation Committee oversees the Port Authority’s compensation and succession planning programs and practices. Governance Committee prepares and updates the Port Authority’s governance policies and procedures for the Port Commission’s consideration and action, and also reviews governance-related matters. The Pension and Benefits Committee primarily advises on the administration of the Port of Houston Authority’s Restated Retirement Plan, the investment of the Plan’s assets and other benefits offered to employees. The Procurement and Small Business Development Task Force prepares and updates procurement policies and procedures for the Port Commission’s consideration and action. This task force also updates Small Business Development Program policies and procedures and advises on other small business development matters.

The four committees and the task force have charters which may be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below.

Charter – Audit Committee 
Charter – Community Relations Committee
Charter – Compensation Committee
Charter – Governance Committee 
Charter – Internal Audit
Charter – Procurement and Small Business Development Task Force

Investment Policy, Promotion and Development Fund Reports, Annual Audit Reports and Plans, adopted budgets and similar documents may be found on the Financial Transparency page:

Financial Transparency