Brand Guidelines and Standards

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An organization’s corporate identity is the most important element of its image. Because of its potential for credibility and influence, and the impression it has on its public, a corporate identity would be considered the foundation of all marketing and communications efforts. An effective identity – one that is easily recognized and visually appealing – is quite powerful. Above all, an organization’s corporate identity should demonstrate its commitment to quality, its staff, its public, and most importantly, to its own goals. It must make a memorable impression, one that clearly communicates the company’s basic mission and philosophy and reflects its significance. A single, consistent message, therefore is key.

For questions about the brand guidelines or logo requests, please contact the port’s Marketing, Branding, & External Communications team at

To move the world and drive regional prosperity.

America’s distribution hub for the next generation.

Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Diligence, You.


This section deals with the various forms that the Port Houston logo can take. This should be used whenever possible to represent the company.


2017-portlogo-standard 2017-portlogo-red 2017-portlogo-blue 2017-portlogo-black

This is the full logo in a stacked format featuring both the icon and the wordmark. Icon should always have a white background whether printed over a color or photograph.


This is the full logo in a horizontal format featuring both the icon and the wordmark. This should be used whenever possible to officially represent the company and when vertical space is limited.


2017-portlogos-circle-main2017-portlogos-circle-blue 2017-portlogos-circle-red 2017-portlogos-circle-black

This is the icon of the official logo.


This is the wordmark of the official logo.

2017-wordmark-horizontal-blue 2017-wordmark-horizontal-red 2017-wordmark-horizontal-black 2017-wordmark-horizontal-main


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.25.53 AM

All forms of the Port Houston logo must have a designated amount of clear space on all sides unoccupied by other elements. This is to ensure the logo’s visual clarity and effectiveness. This means the logo must never be cluttered by other elements such as text, photographs, illustrations, or background textures. “x“ equals 1/4”. The clear space is a 1x area around the entire Signature. This rule applies to all versions of the Port Houston logo on all mediums.