Brand Guidelines and Standards: Tagline

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The tagline is designed to provide further definition Port Houston’s services. A tagline can also be a way of furthering the value of your company and provide an additional persuasive push. It can be an integral part of your logo design or a separate element to be used within further branding.

The tagline uses the typeface Helvetica Neue 47 Light Condensed and is represented in our third color, gray.


Do not manually type the Tagline Signature. Always use the artwork files that are provided. One-color Pantone versions of the Tagline Signature are available for use. Artwork files are available for Pantone 7540 (gray).


Using the tagline and wordmark in the following combinations reinforces our brand personality — bold, passionate, competitive, loyal, unique and innovative — in print materials, on banners and in online communications. These tagline/wordmark combinations also work well as a sign-off on the back of print materials such as brochures, reports, proposals, invitations and publications.