Container Terminal FAQs

Q: How do I access information about the following?:

Container Status
Vessel Schedules
Booking Details
Cargo Receiving Dates
Gate Transactions

A: Port Houston uses a customer service portal, Lynx, to provide valuable information to our customers.  You can access Lynx by visiting  Additional information, a video tutorial, and information about the mobile application can be found in the Terminal Toolbox.

Q: How do I pay for a US Customs Exam? 

A: You can pay for terminal services by check or through a payment guarantee in Lynx.  You must have a credit account with Port Houston in order to guarantee payments.  Any questions regarding payment details can be answered through the terminal’s Yard Services desks.

Customer Service Hotline: 713-670-1100  (Option # 4 for Bayport; Option #2 for Barbours Cut)


Barbours Cut:

Q: How do I contact Customer Service? 

A: If you are not able to get your information from the Lynx system, please contact a Customer Service coordinator at:

Customer Service Hotline: 713-670-1100  (Option #3 for Bayport; Option #1 for Barbours Cut)

Bayport: or

Barbours Cut:

Q: Where do I submit my hazardous documentation? 

A: We require hazardous documentation be received and confirmed prior to the container’s arrival at the Port.  All documents can be emailed to Additional hazardous documentation requirements can be reviewed in the Terminal Toolbox.

Q: How do I contact a terminal operations manager? 

A: The container terminals’ operations teams can be reached at:


Barbours Cut:

Q: How can I arrange to get my cargo stuffed or stripped at the container terminals? 

A:  Port Houston does not offer freight handling services, but there are a couple of on-site vendors that do.

On Site Freight Handling:

Shippers   281-470-1528 Terminal Link Texas   281-291-7332
Ceres   281-867-0700 Houston Terminals   281-291-6903

Q: What is Port Houston’s truck turn time at the container terminals?

A: We continue to serve trucks in 39 minutes or less at our container terminals with a five minute queue time at the ingate.

See some of our 2019 gate transaction records below:

August 28, 2019 – Total 11,081 completed gate transactions in a single day at Port Houston container terminals (combined).

September 26, 2019 – 3,839 gate transactions in a single day at the Barbours Cut Container Terminal.

November 11, 2019 – 1,076 gate transactions in a single hour at the Bayport Container Terminal.