Water Quality


The Port of Houston is a highly industrialized area surrounding the Houston Ship Channel. The ship channel also flows through environmentally sensitive Galveston Bay. Maintaining water quality is essential for this important wildlife habitat and recreational asset.

As a part of its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, Port Houston has conducted a comprehensive mapping project for all its terminals. The project located all storm water drainage features such as inlets, drains, culverts, ditches and trench drains using GPS. The data was then GIS mapped and drainage maps for all terminals have been created. A storm water outfall survey was conducted to ensure that storm water outfalls were in good condition and any non-storm water discharges were identified.

An innovative storm water treatment system at the Bayport Container Terminal uses a first flush detention pond to prevent solids and contaminates from reaching Galveston Bay.


Regional Water Quality

TCEQ continuous regional water quality monitoring stations, data, locations, and photos of monitoring sites can be found here.