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Navigating the Way
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Port Houston handles two-thirds of all containerized cargo in the region. The two container handling facilities, Bayport and Barbours Cut, are among the finest in the nation, providing the most efficient and cost-effective service.

Crane Information

Currently our container terminals have 27 total neo-Panamax Ship-to-Shore Cranes and 116 total rubber tired Gantry cranes. These cranes are vital in assisting the container terminal operations team to move containers across the terminal. Our largest neo-Panamax STS cranes were put into operation in June, 2022 and stand 158 feet tall. Below you will find more information on our crane and wharf specifications:

Barbours Cut Crane Schematics and Wharf Specs

Bayport Crane Schematics and Wharf Specs


Trucker Information

Port Houston understands how important turn times are to truck drivers moving cargo. The process for trucks picking up and dropping off containers at Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals has been designed to be highly efficient and time-saving. The following information will help truckers move through Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals with ease.

Navigate the container terminals with simplicity by referencing our terminal traffic maps:


Check the Daily Empty Container and Chassis Acceptance:


Consult the trucker safety manuals to assist with your cargo:


View the safety videos for informative information regarding Port Houston terminal safety:



Rail Ramp Information

The BCT near dock rail ramp consists of 42.1 acres with four working tracks (each approximately 2,700 feet in length), five storage tracks (each approximately 2,250 feet in length) and 730 wheeled container spaces. The entire facility is paved with concrete and sustains wheeled operations only. Click to view a Map and Schematic of the rail ramp area. Port Houston Barbours Cut Rail Ramp Contact: [email protected]