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Name Designation Email Phone

Accounts Payable

Ada Hernandez

Executive Assistant for Government & Public Relations

Ahmed Murtaba

ERM Program Manager

Anthony Kinchen

Deputy Chief-Patrol

Inga Berryman

Executive Assistant for Information Technology

Kasey Reed

Executive Administrator-Infrastructure

Melinda Solorio

Executive Assistant for People

Natalie Rossorelli

Claims Manager

Norma Essary

Director, Risk and Safety Management

Paula Driscoll

Executive Assistant for Finance

Port Police Duty Sergeant

Risk Management

Alberto Foster

Procurement Analyst

Kelli Green

Senior Executive Assistant

Ashley Cheatham

Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Erica Godfrey

Senior Executive Assistant

Kelly Day

Senior Executive Assistant

Multi-Purpose Facility Truck Office

Natasha Buckner

Business Equity Training Coordinator

Sydney Davis

Marketing Communications Specialist

Ric Campo


Dean E. Corgey


Clyde Fitzgerald


Stephen H. DonCarlos


Roy D. Mease


Wendolynn “Wendy” Montoya Cloonan


Cheryl D. Creuzot


Roland Gonzalez

Director, Treasury

David DeLoach

Treasury Manager

Trisha James

Cash Manager

Sam Houston Boat Tour Reservations

Leticia Garza

Administrative Specialist, M/V Sam Houston

Roger Hoh

Director, Project and Construction Management

Bianca Gutierrez

Contract Administrator

Sommer Freeman

Contract Administrator

James Christy

Manager, Procurement

Tanika Chukwumerije

Manager, Contracts

Yvette Camel-Smith

Director, Procurement Services

Career Opportunities

Vessel Traffic Scheduler/MP Facilities

Chris Conti

Manager, Multipurpose Facilities

Chaney Singh

Operations Manager, Multipurpose Facilities

Stephanie Reyes

Executive Assistant-Multipurpose Facility Operations

Randy Stiefel

Director, Multipurpose Facilities

Carrie Garza

Marine Operations Manager, Bayport

Ty Fisher

Marine Operations Manager, Barbours Cut

Easton McIntosh

Gate Manager, Bayport

Chris Kalwick

Gate Manager, Barbours Cut

Evan Mays

Terminal Manager, Bayport

Julio Abril

Terminal Manager, Barbours Cut

Jennifer Askoy

Customer Service Manager

Candice Armenoff

Execution Planning Manager

Bryan Seitz

General Manager, Container Terminal Operations

Ryan Mariacher

Director, Container Terminals

Bruce Mann

Director, Freight Mobility

Rohit Saxena

Director, Facility Planning

Speakers Bureau

Port Commission

Stormwater Hotline

Ilana Harris

Environmental Compliance Coordinator

Roxanne Muniz

Environmental Planning Analyst

Ken Gathright

Envrionmental Compliance Coordinator

Kelli Gallagher

Envrionmental Compliance Coordinator

Trae Camble

Director, Environmental Affairs

Community Grants

Community Information Line

Jacqueline Young-Hall

Manager, Maritime Education Outreach

Vanessa Vega-Barreto

Community Relations Coordinator

Garret Berg

Manager, Community Relations

Maria Aguirre

Director, Community Relations

Richard Ruchhoeft

Project Manager, Channel Development

Leia Wilson

HSC Operations Manager

Lori Brownell

Director, Channel Improvement

Garry McMahan

Director, Channel Development Operations

Pipline License, Permits, and Access Licenses

Brandon Davis

Manager, Business Equity

Pedro Garcia

Outreach Manager, Business Equity

Brenda Ruiz

Manager, Supplier Diversity

Natasha Ainsworth

Certification Generalist

Eddy Kharrazi

Program Manager, Asset Management

Eric Barron

Director, Strategic Asset Management

Charlie Jenkins

Senior Director, Strategic Programs


Customer Billing Services

Curtis Duncan


Roger Guenther

Executive Director

Tom Heidt

Chief Operations Officer

Erik Eriksson

Chief Legal Officer

Tim Finley

Chief Financial Officer

John Moseley

Chief Commercial Officer

Jeff Davis

Chief Port Operations Officer

Rich Byrnes

Chief Port Infrastructure Officer

Marcus Woodring

Chief PSEO Officer

Charles Thompson

Chief Information Officer

Maxine N. Buckles

Chief Business Equity Officer

Jessica Shaver

Chief People Officer

Kerrick Henny

Chief Government and Public Relations Officer

Shannon Williams

Chief Audit Executive

Hazardous Documentation Requests

Bayport Terminal Operations

Barbours Cut Terminal Operations

Bayport Terminal Yard Services

Barbours Cut Terminal Yard Services

Trouble Ticket Resolution

Bayport Terminal Customer Service

Barbours Cut Terminal Customer Service

Container Terminal Customer Service

Jarka Vochyan

Real Estate Porfolio Administrator

Ben Licata

Manager, Real Estate Asset

Jim Vo

Manager, Real Estate Asset

Diana Sechler

Manager, Real Estate Asset

Robert Tanner

Director, Real Estate

Rina Lawrence

Manager, Economic Development

Sergio Ojeda Ossa

Trade Rep (Central/South America)

Anders Flensborg

Trade Rep (Europe/Middle East/Africa)

Matt Soloman

Trade Rep (Asia/Oceania)

Jessica Nguyen

Manager, Trade Development

Ricardo Arias

Manager, Trade Development

Ty Reasonover

Senior Manager, Trade Development

Dominic Sun

Director, Trade Development

Critical Incident Line

Chris Virk-Brown

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fatima De Leon

Manager, Marketing, Branding and External Communications

Christine Abbruscato

Director, Marketing, Branding and External Communications

Lisa Ashley

Director, Media Relations

Cam Spencer

Director, Government Relations

Public Information Requests

Dolores Villarreal

Public Information Manager

Liana Christian

Executive Assistant for Legal

Stephen Seymour

Safety Manager BCT

Kasey Bryant

Safety Manager BPT

Matt Chapman

Safety Manager TBT

Barbours Cut Credentialing Office

Turning Basin Credentialing Office

Patrick Mortell

Facility Security Manager TBT

David Hill

Facility Security Manager BPT

Anthony Flenoy

Facility Security Manager BCT

Jessica Thomas

Security Director

Hot Work Permits

William Buck

Fire Chief

Frank Marker

Training Sergeant

Andrew Farmer

Deputy Chief-Administrative Support

Mark Smith

Chief of Police

Emergency Operations Center Contact

Colin Rizzo

Director, Emergency Management

Port Command Center Line

Non-Emergency Dispatch

Main Office