Port Houston

The International Port of Texas

For over a century, Port Houston has served as a strategic leader for the Houston Ship Channel and is instrumental in the City of Houston’s development for international trade. Port Houston owns, manages, and operates eight public terminals along the 52-mile waterway, including the area’s largest breakbulk facility and two of the most efficient container terminals in the country.

As the advocate and steward of progress for the ship channel, Port Houston is key in helping to expand the waterway in record time. While driving growth at the local, regional, and national level, the Port maintains exceptional efficiency in advancing the flow of seaborne cargo on a global scale. Port Houston—navigating new opportunities in every direction.

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The Houston Ship Channel complex and its more than 200 public and private facilities is the nation’s largest port for waterborne tonnage, and an essential economic engine for the Houston region, the state of Texas, and the U.S. Port Houston is the advocate and a strategic leader for the Houston Ship Channel.


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