Asset Management/FICAP

Critical Assets at
Port Houston

Port Houston is developing an asset program and is currently focusing on performing condition assessments on the Port’s critical assets within its infrastructure. These assessments are the basis for decision support to determine the future of these assets at any point in its lifecycle.

Asset Management Goals & Objectives

Asset management enables Port Houston to realize the value from its assets in order to achieve the Port’s Infrastructure strategic objectives. Overall, asset management is about enabling the Port to make quality and informed business decisions, so we understand where future investments need to be made and create the appropriate asset management strategies needed to improve the overall business. Currently, Port Houston has approximately $1.7 billion book value in capital assets and approximately $8 billion in actual value.

Facilities Inspection and Condition Assessment Program (FICAP)

The Facilities Inspection and Condition Assessment Program (FICAP) is currently underway. Its main goal is to establish the existing condition of Port Houston’s marine assets (i.e. Wharves and Docks), addressing asset concerns early, saving on significant future repairs in the long term to maximize corporate value.

Port Houston’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team, a subgroup of the Asset Management department, provides support for geographic visualization and analytical tools for qualitative decision making to support the asset management strategies and ultimately, visualizing the Port’s critical asset infrastructure. Our Enterprise GIS program interacts with organizational asset management systems to perform advanced visual analysis and deliver powerful insights used at any organizational level to support decision making at any point during the asset’s lifecycle.

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