2040 Plan

Port Houston
2040 Plan
at a Glance

KNOW the roles – Opportunities, obligations, and assets. ALIGN to strategic goals – People, Infrastructure, Partnerships, and Stewardship. ACT on focused strategies – The “Four Cs” and 12 initiatives. INVEST capital – $1.4 billion over 5 years and potential $4+ billion over 20 years. DELIVER results – Benefits to the region, state, and nation. ADAPT and adjust annually – A living document.

The Port Houston 2040 Plan is Designed to Be…

A Comprehensive Blueprint – A guide for decision-making on plans, policies, and investments related to Port Houston’s assets and operations

Financially Viable – Informs Port Houston’s ability to maintain financial resilience

Mission Driven – serves as a framework for implementation of goals and objectives through strategies, initiatives, and action plans

A Communication Platform – Sets the foundation for cooperation, coordination, and collaboration with stakeholders to create greater value for the region

Economically Vital – Supports long-term benefits to the regional, state, and national economies by facilitating job creation, sustainable development, trade growth, and tax revenue

A Living Document – Recognizes the importance of being flexible and adaptable to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges over time

A Collective Commitment

A lot is changing at Port Houston, and with a number of opportunities and challenges as a backdrop, its aim is to be ready for change through advanced planning. Port Houston’s plans are developed on multiple fronts, which are grounded in its mission, vision, and values, and are informed by complex interactions with stakeholders. Collectively, its plans contribute to form a framework for day-to-day and long-term decision-making. From the goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan to the strategies and initiatives of the 2040 Plan to specific Action Plans, Port Houston’s plans are thoughtfully developed and implemented. These plans ensure resource availability to achieve short, mid, and long-range goals. Values seldom change, but plans adjust as needed—the 2040 Plan is a “living document” that will be evaluated annually.

The Four Cs of the 2040 Plan

Port Houston’s contributions in driving regional prosperity are encompassed in its diverse roles: as the local sponsor of the Houston Ship Channel, an operator of public terminals, a partner in the community, and a steward of sustainable growth. These roles are embodied in the 2040 Plan’s key planning strategies known as the Four Cs – Channel, Cargo, Community, and Change.


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