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The Port Houston Speakers Bureau is a valuable program that allows external organizations to hear employees speak on a wide range of Port-related projects and topics.

Our team provides engaging presentations to various businesses, clubs, service groups, workshops, and conferences, including government, city, and community meetings, and other events.


Speakers Bureau Requests

Our skilled professionals have expertise on Port Houston’s history, mission, global trade, economic impacts, development projects, environmental sustainability, career opportunities, and more. The program also helps build positive awareness of the maritime industry, Port Houston’s influence, as well as its current and future plans.

Speakers can also tailor their subject matter to address specific audiences and needs. Additional topic suggestions are welcome and may be considered based upon availability. To learn more about one of the busiest and most critical ports in the nation, contact Port Houston’s Speakers Bureau to request* an enlightening presentation for your organization.

*Please complete and submit a Presentation Request Form at least 45 days prior to event date. Submissions will be reviewed and responded to within 5 business days, Requests are subject to internal review, and may be accepted or declined at the Port’s discretion.

Speakers Bureau Request Form