Business Overview

Driving Successful
Commerce Across
the Globe

Port Houston is a trailblazer in the supply chain industry offering customers excellence and resources to be America’s distribution hub for the next generation.

Port Houston moves more containers than any other port on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and is a leading gateway for international trade. The Port ensures that shippers worldwide have access to a wide range of carrier and service offerings, superior cargo terminals, robust drayage resources, premium land for development, and an unmatched regional portfolio of warehouses and distribution centers.

Additionally, we work with many small, minority, and woman-owned businesses throughout the region to support diversity and improve our local economy. Port Houston’s goal is to engage with small businesses, promote awareness, and help drive successful global commerce. Open solicitations advertised through our BuySpeed system educate prospective vendors on how to compete for and bid on Port Houston contracts and business opportunities.

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