Barbours Cut Container Terminal

Original Leader In the
Containerization Era

Owned and operated by Port Houston, the Fentress Bracewell Barbours Cut Container Terminal has grown to be one of the premier container-handling facilities on the U.S. Gulf since its opening in 1977.

Terminal History

The beginning of this container terminal dates back to a Port Commission meeting in August 1970, when Port Chairman Fentress Bracewell announced the decision to build a marine terminal that would only handle containerized cargo. A dedication ceremony took place at Morgan’s Point in April 1977 to officially open the terminal and the rest is history.

Terminal Investments & Capabilities

Port Houston is investing $650M in capital improvements at Barbours Cut Terminal over the next five years (2023 – 2027). The terminal features 300 acres of container yard space, six berths, 29 entry truck gates, and more than 8,000 feet of working track connecting to off-site warehouses. Some of these improvements include investing in additional container yard space, concrete rehabilitation and more STS cranes to add to our terminal fleet.

Port Houston is continuing to modernize the facility to help increase cargo handling efficiency and capacity.

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