Online Credit Card Payments

Way to Pay

Pay fees and charges online without hassle. Explore our list of fees and charges that you can pay online below.

Available Fees & Charges

Port Houston gladly accepts online credit card payments up to $5,000 US dollars, for the following items:

  • Application Fee – Infrastructure (specify for Pipelines, Cable, or Transmission, Permits, DMPA’s, Surface Site)
  • License Fee – Infrastructure (specify for Pipelines, Cable or Transmission, Assignment, Surface Site, Name Change or Amendment)
  • Temporary Access License Fee (Right-of-Entry Letter, Seismic Exploration)
  • Penalty for Delinquent Renewal
  • Application Fee PHA (enter fee type, enter PHA file#/invoice)
  • License Fee PHA (enter license type, PHA file#)
  • Temporary Access PHA (enter access type, PHA file#)
  • Lease/Rental (enter lease number, PHA file#/invoice#)
  • Invoice (enter invoice #)
  • Port Security (enter Escort Name, enter TWIC)
  • Catering Permit Fee
  • Wharf Demurrage Charges (Enter name of vessel, enter bill of lading)
  • Sponsorships (name of sponsorship)
  • Employee

*Please note: Sustained import dwell fees, excessive import dwell fees and terminal exam fees (RAMP, WHSE, USCG, USDA, and VACIS) must be paid through the Lynx Portal System. Lynx users will have the option to pay via credit card or guarantee. In preparation for this change, please ensure you have a valid Lynx account.

Please see the Payment Guide for details on how to pay in Lynx: Click Here

Additional Information

Amounts greater than $5,000 US dollars should be paid via check, wire transfer or ACH transfer. For Billing inquiries, please email [email protected]. For Credit or Refund inquiries, please email [email protected].

Payments made via credit card are subject to your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. Click here to access and/or print a PDF copy. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you can cancel your transaction. Otherwise, click the “Continue to Payment” button.

You will be redirected to a secure website hosted by our credit card service provider, First Data. There you will enter your credit card data.