Environmental Stewardship

Stewardship for
Long-term Sustainability

Port Houston has a long history of leading in environmental stewardship and sustainability. Our nationally recognized and award-winning dedication to ensuring that business and the environment can successfully co-exist is often held up as the model for others to emulate.

In 2002, Port Houston became the first U.S. port authority to attain and subsequently be recertified to the international standard for environmental management systems ISO 14001. Today, use of the Environmental Management System is the cornerstone of business decisions at the Port. Knowing that partnerships and collaboration are key to future sustainability, this systematic approach to the environment protects and preserves natural resources along the Ship Channel and surrounding areas.

EPA Green Power Partnership

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the Green Power Partnership in 2001 to encourage organizations to use green power voluntarily to protect human health and the environment. Based on the Port’s innovative renewable energy contract and commitment to clean energy, the US EPA declared Port Houston as a “Top 20” Green Power Partner.

Partnership with Galveston Bay Foundation

Port Houston’s 10-year partnership with Galveston Bay Foundation supports regional environmental awareness and conservation efforts. The Port and GBF work collaboratively to preserve and protect Galveston Bay, home of the Houston Ship Channel. Learn more about GBF and how you can get involved here.

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Port Houston values our long-standing collaboration with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership (BBP). Through the Clean & Green Program, Port Houston supports the regular work of BBP which cleans marine debris and floatables from the Houston Ship Channel and nearby waterways.

Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

In 2021, Port Houston became a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition. This coalition recognizes the need to address global climate change and is committed to accelerating the transitions of waterborne transportation in Canada and the United States toward net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

IEA Global Hydrogen Ports Coalition

The IEA Global Hydrogen Ports Coalition focuses on accelerating the energy transition through collaboration and sharing best practices. The Coalition will enhance policy dialogue and project-oriented collaboration related to scaling up the production and use of low-carbon hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels in industrial coastal areas.


“Synchronizer” is a collaboration between the Port Bureau and Europe-based PortXchange software to provide improved vessel information and terminal schedule transparency, assist in optimizing timing of ship port calls, and reduce the time vessels are in port. More than 20 area companies, the Houston Pilots, and Port Houston are supporting members of this network. Greater efficiencies produce better terminal and scheduling cost savings, efficiency, and emissions reductions.