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PORT HOUSTON DIRECT offers a higher degree of service and stability for importers and exporters. We work with BCOs to overcome logistics and service issues and our Port Houston Direct team can be contacted directly for an immediate response.



Yantian…………………….26 days
Shanghai………………….26 days
Xiamen…………………….27 days


Terminal channels have
been deepened to 45 feet to match the depth of the Houston Ship Channel.


Our Terminal Toolbox is a customer portal that will help you track your container. Our online systems allow you to make and monitor bookings.

Port Houston has expanded its customer portal to provide accessible information about containers, vessels and trucks that move through our Barbours Cut and Bayport terminals.

BCOs Prefer H20

Katy-based retailer, Academy Sports and Outdoors, which moves a considerable amount of cargo across Port Houston’s docks, has more stores in Texas than any other state. Because the majority of their retail stores are in Texas, nearly 10,000 TEUs of Academy’s products move through Port Houston

“We have a really positive partnership with Port Houston… The Port is always suggesting new ways to improve our experience and expedite the flow of goods to our distribution center, which we greatly appreciate here at Academy Sports and Outdoors.”

—J.K. Symancyk, President and CEO, Academy Sports and Outdoors

Home Furnishings retail giant IKEA cited two primary reasons for selecting Baytown for a new distribution center: the fact that Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States and proximity to the Port of Houston.

“We have had great success in pulling the needed containers very quickly. I have worked with other ports in the past and it appears as though we are off to a great start!”

– Alex Todd, Distribution Manager for IKEA

The decision was made to totally shift away from moving cargo through the Port of Long Beach and instead move virtually all of Igloo’s import containers across the docks in Houston. The switch to all-water service represented a major change for the 1,200-associate company. But Igloo hasn’t looked back.

“Houston is a very well-run port. We are confident in Port Houston’s ability to handle large container volumes through the port and Port Houston’s commitment to growth, as well as the timely availability of containers.”

– Carolyn S. Glynn, Senior Manager, International Freight and Customs Compliance for Igloo Products Corp.

Ranked at no. 40 in the Fortune 500 list of companies, the big retailer uses Houston as a gateway for its Texas and Southern markets. Those goods range from tools to building products.

“We use a lot of different gateways coming into the U.S. from Asia, and Houston is one. It is an important gateway for us.”

– Rick Gabrielson, Lowe’s Vice President of Transportation

Beginning in 2016, Steve Silver Co. started shifting most of its Asian imports from U.S. West Coast ports to instead go across the docks at Port Houston. The move has provided extra reliability for the Texas-based company. Port Houston now handles a good share of the cargo that is brought into the United States by the big furniture wholesaler.

“Port Houston is handling the majority of our yearly volume. We found that routing our cargo through Port Houston was not only a price-competitive decision, but it also gave us more reliability once the container hit the port.”

– Brett Kendrick, Ocean Import and Inventory Manager, Steve Silver Co.

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