Brand Guidelines and Standards: Brand Identity

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This section discusses how Port Houston is perceived by consumers. The brand identity will effectively communicate Port Houston’s personality, helping build brand recognition, association and loyalty.

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A set of human characteristics associated with the brand. Enriches and gives texture to the brand. The Port’s brand personality and expression should be communicated at every opportunity: it’s facilities, entryways, attire and interactions. The goal is to meet and exceed every expectation that the brand personalities. This is never totally completed and requires continuous attention to every detail.

Competent • Practical • Sincere

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Brand Promise is the pledge upon which you build your reputation. It is the expectation you live up to every time people experience your brand.

Delivering Confidence

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Brand Position is the part of the brand that is actively communicated to the target audience and demonstrates an advantage over competing brands. It must be different and defensible.

Largest Port on Gulf Coast • Biggest Port in Texas