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Port Houston is committed to supplier diversity and inclusion. Our Business Equity Division provides helpful resources to small, minority-, and/or woman-owned business enterprises (S/MWBEs) seeking to grow and participate in Port Houston procurements.

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Find information about Business Equity Enrollment Process, Resource Toolkit for S/MWBE’s, Business Equity Compliance System, and Opportunity U & Training Events.

About Our S/MWBE Program

B2Gnow is Port Houston’s Business Equity Compliance System used to enroll and monitor S/MWBE participation, notify participants of training programs and upcoming events, as well as search for fellow S/MWBE networking opportunities.

Enroll with B2Gnow to learn more about Port Houston, our product offerings, and how your business can benefit from all of the Port’s extensive services.

How you can benefit:

  • Connect with other local business owners and expand your network
  • Learn more about government procurements and the application process
  • Access our mentorship program
  • Take advantage of industry-specific programming and training opportunities
  • Access Port Houston procurement Opportunities
  • Leverage your certification(s) with our partner agencies


We have answers.

Yes, all vendors interested in doing business with Port Houston are required to sign up in BuySpeed to ensure that we have up-to-date information on current suppliers.

Port Houston seeks bids/proposals from qualified vendors to provide goods and services. Register via the BuySpeed eProcurement System. Learn More.

Port Houston contracted a disparity study in 2020 to evaluate equal opportunity and fairness in Port Houston’s procurement and contracting processes. The disparity study highlighted many positive aspects of Port Houston’s existing Small Business Development Program, such as more than $600 million in awards and commitments to local small businesses since 2002, and exceeding Port Houston’s aggressive 35% small business participation goal.The disparity study also highlighted areas for improvement and recommendations that will serve as a blueprint moving forward.

Recommendations include:

  1. Strengthen institutional support of Port Houston’s race and gender neutral Small Business Development Program and establish a race and gender-conscious initiative;
  2. Unbundle and forecast Port Houston contracts to provide opportunities for Minority and Woman-owned Businesses (MWBEs);
  3. Institute MWBE subcontracting goals on a contract-by-contract basis;
  4. Develop robust and good-faith effort processes;
  5. Enhance outreach and capacity building efforts for MWBEs.

In April 2021, the Port Commission approved policies to expand opportunities by enhancing the
existing Small Business program, establishing a Minority and Woman-owned Business
Enterprise program, and creating a Business Equity Division.

Program benefits include:

  • Access to Port Houston procurement opportunities;
  • Participation in industry specific workshops and capacity-building training opportunities;
  • Connecting with other local business owners to expand your network;
  • Leveraging your certification with Port Houston’s partner agencies
  • And much more!

No, Business Equity is the name of the Port Houston Division with the responsibility for both the Small Business Development Program and the MWBE Program. It is important to emphasize that Port Houston will continue to maintain an aggressive 35% overall Small Business (SBE) participation goal, and will institute these goals on a contract-by-contract basis for Minority and Woman-owned Businesses. The overall aspirational goal for MWBE participation is 30%.

Any vendor that wants to do business with Port Houston must register in our electronic procurement system (BuySpeed). Please visit the following link:
If you require additional assistance in registering or updating your vendor profile,please contact Port Houston Procurement Services at 713-670-2464.

Once you create a vendor account in Port Houston’s BuySpeed System, you will receive notifications of current bid and proposal opportunities, pre-bid meeting dates and times, have the ability to submit online questions to Port Houston staff, gain access to the Projected Advertising Schedule, be able to view upcoming opportunities including the construction forecast reports, and more!

Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) is a Business that is at least 51% owned by one or more minority persons, or for which at least 51% of the equity is owned by one or more minority persons, and both the management and daily business operations are carried out and controlled by one or more of the minority persons who own it.

Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) is a Business that is at least 51% owned by one or more female American citizens, or for which at least 51% of the equity is owned by one or more female American citizens, and both the management and daily business operations are carried out and controlled by one or more of the female American citizens who own it.

Port Houston proudly supports joint ventures on projects. We encourage SBEs and MWBEs to network with prime contractors and pursue joint ventures between firms to perform a specific Port Houston contract.

Port Houston’s Project and Construction Management (PCM) Department maintains a current online listing of upcoming capital improvement projects. To view Port Houston’s future infrastructure projects and other open bids and proposals, please visit

Port Houston works with private industry stakeholders to move containers. Trucking companies must contact the individual companies or brokers directly.
We encourage you to visit the Port’s Terminal Toolbox which will connect you to terminal traffic maps, trucker safety manuals, daily empty containers, chassis acceptance, and more. Please visit

  • “Registered” – means signed up into Port Houston’s BuySpeed system.
  • “Certified” – means signed up with a certifying agency such as METRO or City of Houston. A business can be certified in a variety of categories, including Small, Veteran-owned, Minority-owned, Woman-owned, historically underutilized, disadvantaged, etc.
  • “Enrolled” – means signed up with Port Houston’s B2Gnow system as a Small, Minority and/or Woman-Owned Business. The Port’s enrolled businesses must meet geographic (Harris County and the surrounding 8-county) and size requirements.

What our Partners are Saying

“Port Houston’s Turning Basin facility was one of our first major clients, and we now serve Barbour’s Cut and Bayport. Getting involved with the Port’s small business program has provided us the connections and training that we needed to grow.”

Gregory Wyles

Owner of Hospitality Cleaning Solutions

“For Nation Waste Inc., being recognized as a Port Houston MWBE means companies can depend on us and know we are reliable. Port of Houston’s support helps us move in the right direction toward new success and more business.”

Maria Rios

President and CEO, Nation Waste Inc.

“The various projects at the port that we have done are an extra feather in our cap because of what it means to our city’s history and the importance that it plays in the country’s economy. Houston is a city with no limits, and the port is a big part of that.”

Dallas Batterson

Human Resources Director, Batterson LLP

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