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Name Designation Email Phone

Tanika Chukwumerije

Manager, Contracts

Yvette Camel-Smith

Director, Procurement Services

Career Opportunities

Vessel Traffic Scheduler/MP Facilities

Chris Conti

Manager, Multipurpose Facilities

Chaney Singh

Operations Manager, Multipurpose Facilities

Stephanie Reyes

Executive Assistant-Multipurpose Facility Operations

Randy Stiefel

Director, Multipurpose Facilities

Carrie Garza

Marine Operations Manager, Bayport

Ty Fisher

Marine Operations Manager, Barbours Cut

Easton McIntosh

Gate Manager, Bayport

Chris Kalwick

Gate Manager, Barbours Cut

Evan Mays

Terminal Manager, Bayport

Julio Abril

Terminal Manager, Barbours Cut

Jennifer Aksoy

Customer Service Manager

Candice Armenoff

Execution Planning Manager

Bryan Seitz

General Manager, Container Terminal Operations

Ryan Mariacher

Director, Container Terminals

Bruce Mann

Director, Freight Mobility

Rohit Saxena

Director, Facility Planning

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