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Port Houston’s current Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) include adding or improving motorized/non-motorized transportation infrastructure, stormwater and sanitary sewer infrastructure, city facilities, and other key projects. These investments support the Port’s priorities to safely operate our waterways, expand economic opportunities, and enhance the customer experience while reducing our own environmental impact.

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Current Projects

Here are just a few of Port Houston’s ongoing improvements:

Turning Basin – Rehabilitation and Repair of Wharf 9

Structural concrete repair, fender replacement, and geotechnical rehabilitation.

Bayport – Construct Container Yard 7

Construction of approximately 50 acres of reinforced and roller compacted 18-inch concrete pavement, including the construction of a storm water collection system, water and sanitary sewer mains, high mast lighting and communication conduit.

Barbours Cut Reconstruction of Container Yard 3 North

The scope of work includes the construction of approximately 9 acres of concrete pavement (18” roller compacted concrete). Also restriping traffic lanes and relocating high mast light poles.

Bayport – Container Yard 2 South Security

The project provides security cameras, fiber optic cables, UPS, and network switches to Container Yard 2 South.

Barbours Cut Fire Suppression System

This project consists of the construction of a freshwater fire suppression system for the terminal that will replace the existing saltwater system. The new system will utilize one of two existing freshwater tanks with a capacity of 500,000 gallons each and includes the repair of existing tank, dry bore under roadway, and installation of new waterline, foundations, pumps, controllers, and emergency generator.

Bayport – Port Road Expansion and Drainage

This project will add 1 additional lane to both the inbound and outbound lanes of existing Port Road. This project will also include installing new reinforced concrete boxes under Port Road and in existing Ditch ‘D’ to drain 95.5 acre U shaped Port property.

Bayport – Construct Wharf 6, SSB #4 and Power

Construction of a new wharf, stevedore building and electrical infrastructure at Bayport Terminal Wharf 6 (approximately 600 linear feet).

Future Projects

Port Houston on the Horizon

One of Port Houston’s primary goals is to promote and facilitate commerce and economic success locally, regionally, nationally, and on a global scale. Over the next few years, the Port plans to embark on significant infrastructure improvements to ensure that the entire Houston Ship Channel complex is poised for expansion and building for the future.

With the expected demographic growth throughout the region, maintaining and improving efficiency through more modern maritime facilities and equipment is essential to our core mission. For questions or more information on future projects, reach out to Port Houston’s Project and Construction Management team.

To bid on any of these construction projects, visit our BuySpeed™ portal.

Turning Basin North – Annual Perimeter Fence Replacement

Project will consist of replacing 6 ft barb wire fencing with 8 ft barb wire fencing.

Manchester Rehabilitation and Repair – Wharf 2

Rehabilitating and repairing of Wharf 2 at Manchester terminal (approximately 600 ft long). The work includes demolition of the existing shed building, construction of a new fender, repair of reinforced concrete, fabrication and installation of ~54 steel trusses, and installation of ~152 piles.

Barbours Cut – Construct Maintenance Facility

Construction of a new Maintenance Facility at the east end of Barbours Cut Container Terminal. This facility will include construction of a new building approximately 128,000 sf as well as any required parking, staging and laydown areas.

Turning Basin – Replace Dredge Pipe Sleeve Upstream of Wharf 18

Project will consist of rehabilitation or replacement of approximately 450 LF of steel pipe sleeve under the rail yard to house dredge pipe, trenchless construction methods may be required.

Barbours Cut – Gate Expansion Security

This project is providing security cameras, fiber optic cables, UPS and network switches for both Entry Gate and TWIC areas.

Bayport – Dedicated Right Turn Lanes at Freight Station Road

Construct dedicated right turn lanes, one from Port Rd connecting to the U-turn and the other to providing connection from Freight Station Road to the U-turn underneath the entrance gate bridge and merging onto Port Rd westbound.

Turning Basin North – Restrooms Restoration

Demolish 15 existing restroom buildings and replace with 11 pre cast concrete restroom buildings within the transit sheds and at City Dock 8. Project will also include associated plumbing and electrical work and the rehabilitation of the Amenities Buildings at City Dock 32.

Turning Basin Transit Sheds 30-31

This project is approximately 238k square feet of roof repair at transit sheds 30/31 at the Turning Basin Terminal.

Turning Basin – Rehabilitation of Wharf 8

Rehabilitation of Wharf 8 at Turning Basin Terminal will consist of structural concrete repair and fender replacement.

Turning Basin North – Guardhouse and Arms Change

This project will remove existing Speed Gates and replace them with a Manned Guardhouse with Gate arms.

Turning Basin – Rail and Switch Replacement

Replacement of rail and switches at Turning Basin Terminal.

East Industrial Park – Annual Pavement, Drainage and Dust Control

This project is the replacement of damaged pavement, drainage improvements and dust control approaches implemented at East Industrial Park.

Turning Basin South – City Dock 1 West Fender System

Construction of freestanding fender for City Dock 1 West of approximately 600ft.

Turning Basin North – Repair of Wharfs 20-26

Repair of wharves 20, 21, 24, 25, and 26 (each approximately 600ft long) located at Turning Basin Terminal. The work includes (reinforced concrete) deck repair, pile repair, sheet pile repair, timber replacement, fender repair, steel sheet / beam repair, etc.

Turning Basin South – Repair of Wharfs 1E, 47 & 48

Repair project for Wharf 1 East, 47, and 48 (located Turning Basin Terminal South) scope includes but is not limited to (reinforced concrete) deck repair, pile repair, timber replacement, fender repair, etc.