ES2G & Sustainability Report

Social, Safety,
& Governance

Port Houston recognizes that big challenges require big ideas from its stakeholders and concerted action from its leadership. These initiatives, Sustainability Action Plan, and ES2G report will complement our established and ongoing stewardship  activities, making the Port an even stronger and more responsible organization.

Action Plan History

In 2021, Port Houston’s Commissioners set a corporate goal to establish an action plan for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). In the case of Port Houston, the acronym became ES2G, as “Safety” is crucial to the Port’s long-term strategic plan.

Port Houston conducted a series of workshops known as the Sustainability Action Team (SAT) Workshops. These events engaged with Port Houston’s stakeholders on the important question: “What more can Port Houston do to promote sustainability?” From there, a Sustainability Action Plan and ES2G Report were developed.

ES2G Report

Our ES2G report accounts for Port Houston’s relationships with our stakeholders and how we interact with them—both now and in the long-term. In this report, we share what the Port is doing for the planet, the communities in which we operate, our workforce, and how we are sustaining our business.

2023 Report

2022 Report

2021 Report

Sustainability Overview

Port Houston is committed to fostering sustainability, resilience, collaboration, and quality of life. Together with our partners and stakeholders, we can create a more sustainable future for all. In that spirit, Port Houston conducted a series of workshops that engaged with our stakeholders on the importance of sustainability.

The objective was to work collaboratively with area stakeholders to define actionable projects and opportunities that Port Houston can lead, partner with others, or support from the side to produce tangible results. This led to the development of an annual Sustainability Action Plan Report.

A summary of the Port’s sustainability plans, as well as the full Sustainability Action Plan Report, can be found below:

View the Overview

View the Action Plan