Port Houston is an economic engine that produces jobs and economic prosperity for the local and state economy. We are the proud sponsor of the Houston Ship Channel, and we facilitate and accommodate commerce and navigation. Port Houston strives to be America’s Distribution Hub for the Next Generation and we are ready for bigger things to come.

Port Houston has been recognized as a brand for over 100 years. Because the market is changing, we have prepared for new opportunities, relationships and progressive strategies as a port in today’s world of trade. We have three unique differences that make us standout from any other port: Port Houston is the largest port on the Gulf Coast, the biggest port in Texas and the only port in Houston.

The acquisition of new super post Panamax ship-to-shore cranes have enabled us to accommodate next generation container vessels. The new cranes are just a portion of the $1.4 billion modernization project taking place at our container terminals, including $700 million in improvements. And, we’re not just moving breakbulk and containers, we are leaders in many other areas related to waterways, infrastructure and beyond. It’s true that everything is bigger in Texas… Better too.


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