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A Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is a designated area in which foreign and domestic merchandise is considered by the U.S. government as being outside U.S. Customs territory. These zones can be very beneficial for companies involved in foreign trade, as merchandise may be brought into an FTZ without a formal customs entry, import quotas, and other import restrictions. Duties and excise taxes are not assessed until the merchandise enters U.S. commerce.

Port Houston & FTZ

Port Houston manages Foreign Trade Zone 84, which includes many privately owned and port-owned sites located throughout Houston and Harris County, Texas. The key benefits come in the form of import duty and tariff savings, since no duty is paid if merchandise is exported directly from a FTZ.

Port Houston's FTZ 84 explained


Application Process for FTZ

The process of obtaining Foreign Trade Zone status begins by first contacting the Port Houston Economic Development team. The Port assists with the application process, and can help companies locate consultants with the specialized knowledge for an in-depth evaluation of the risks and benefits associated with operating in a Foreign Trade Zone.

Need to know more?

For more information about connecting with someone in the Foreign Trade Zone department, explore Port Houston’s directory to find the right contact.