Dredging & Marine Permits & Licenses

Parties wanting to use Port of Houston Authority property must submit an application with sufficient detail to allow for a thorough evaluation of the application. Permission to use Port Authority property for appropriate purposes is granted by license or permit. Channel Development manages certain licenses and permits.

Please email all submittals to Chandev@poha.com. To make an online payment for applications or fees, click here.


Pipeline Licenses

New Licenses or Amendments

License Transfers

License Renewals

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Qualifications for pipeline license

Minimum insurance requirements

Fee Schedule

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Permit Amendments

Permit Transfers

This Marine Construction Permit Application Form can be used for marine construction permits if accompanied by a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permit number and drawings. Instructions for filling out the application can be found at the end of the application. The Port Authority will process your marine construction application concurrently with your USACE permit application.

Dredged Material Placement Agreements

Download the Dredge Material Application Form

Each applicant must clearly identify the dredging schedule, the Dredged Material Placement Area requested, and the cubic yards of dredged material in the appropriate blocks of the application. The applicant must analyze the sediment using Port of Houston Authority environmental testing procedures and furnish analytical results with the application. The Port Authority will process your application concurrently with your USACE permit application. Seventy-five percent of the Dredged Material Placement fee must be paid prior to execution of the DMPA, and the balance upon completion of the work.

Right of Entry & Temporary Access Licenses

Download the Temporary Access Application Form

Submerged lands owned by Port Authority can be leased. Please contact the Port Authority if interested in leasing submerged lands. The fee for a submerged land lease will be negotiated with the applicant and will not be less than the lease rate for submerged lands approved by the Port Commission.

NOTE:  Performing work on Port Authority property or submerged lands owned by the Port Authority without an executed license/permit is a serious offense. In the event of unauthorized work on Port Authority property, such unauthorized installations are subject to removal (at violator’s expense) and violators may be subject to penalties.