Houston is a vibrant, growing, international city fueled by trade, which certainly shows in the port’s trade statistics. Use this page to learn more about the port and its global connections. In-depth statistics are available near the bottom of this page.

Statistical Highlights for Port Houston

  • 7th ranked U.S. container port by total TEUs
  • Largest Gulf Coast container port, handling 70% of U.S. Gulf Coast container traffic
  • Largest Texas port with 97% market share in containers

Statistical Highlights for the Houston Ship Channel complex

  • 1st ranked U.S. port in foreign waterborne tonnage – 193.8 million short tons (2021)
  • 1st ranked U.S. port in total foreign and domestic waterborne tonnage – 276 million short tons (2020)
  • 3rd ranked U.S. port in terms of total foreign cargo value ($169.7 billion) 2021
  • Largest Texas port with 35% of market share by tonnage


Sources: USACE Navigation Data Center (facts 1,2), U.S. Dept. of Commerce Bureau of Census, Customs Data from Census Bureau (fact 3), Journal of Commerce PIERS (facts 4 and 5), American Association of Port Authorities (fact 6).




Statistical Data in Depth 

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