National Disability Awareness Month and Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Written by: Caitlin Perry, Port Houston Internal Communications Specialist

The month of October has a lot of different celebrations going on, but did you know it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Both topics are important for us at Port Houston as we continue moving business forward in the 21st Century.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Each year, Americans observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in October. NDEAM celebrates the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities and emphasizes the need for supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices. Whether physical or mental, visible or invisible, disabilities create challenges for employees that must be considered in workplace DEI efforts. Read more about it in the 2022 Presidential Declaration.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is important at Port Houston because it recognizes the unique challenges, strengths and contributions of workers with disabilities. We recognize that inclusivity for employees with disabilities must go beyond compliance to truly honor and celebrate those who live with disabilities, focusing on education and awareness to foster belonging at work.

NDEAM graphic

Diversity of Disability

The Americans with Disability Act, which protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination and establishes requirements for accommodation, may be applied to a broad spectrum of disability types. Disability can be defined as “a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition that impairs, interferes with, or limits a person’s ability to engage in certain tasks or actions or participate in typical daily activities and interactions.” This can include any condition impacting a person’s ability to see, hear, move, communicate, remember, learn, focus and engage in social relationships.

While some disabilities, particularly those involving mobility, are more visible and recognizable, many are not. Some disabilities are apparent at birth or in early childhood, while others develop much later in life. Additionally, people with disabilities can vary greatly in their openness about their disability, with some naming it as a feature of their identity while others choose not to disclose their condition to others beyond close family.

Disability is multifaceted, and the impacts it can have on people in the workplace – even those who are not, themselves, disabled – can vary widely. Since you can never be sure if someone you work with has a disability, a family member with a disability or friends in the disabled community, respect and sensitivity are key.

Disability impact

How Disability Impacts all of Us: Fast Facts

  1. 1 in 4 adults living in the U.S. have some type of disability. The percentage of people living with disabilities is highest in the South.
  2. People with disabilities are statistically more likely to experience poor health outcomes, with higher rates of obesity, diabetes, depression and heart disease.
  3. While the population of people with disabilities in Texas is consistent with the U.S. overall (26%), the population of people with disabilities in the largest metro areas, Houston, Dallas and Austin, are below 10%.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

cybersecurity month_TW

Last year Port Houston came under a cyber attack, but thanks to our IT cybersecurity team we didn’t feel any impacts from that threat. Port Houston recognizes that cybersecurity is becoming as important as everyday terminal security at our port facilities. Port Houston is pleased to announce our participation in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) annual campaign, where together, we can greatly increase our cybersecurity online, at work, and at home by taking a few basic steps.

Throughout the month of October, we must stay vigilant and secure. Below are some tips to follow when thinking about your online security:

  1. Use Strong Passwords: Use passwords that are long, unique, and randomly generated.
  2. Think Before You Click</strong >: recognize and report phishing.
  3. Update Your Software</strong >: If you see a software update notification, act promptly.
  4. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)</strong >: enabling MFA makes you less likely to get hacked.

To learn more about how you can stay secure online, visit Cybersecurity Awareness Month – National Cybersecurity Alliance (staysafeonline.org).

Below are some other monthly observations we’re honoring.

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month
  • Emotional Wellness Month
  • Financial Planning Month
  • Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • National Depress Education & Awareness Month
  • National Fire Prevention Month
  • National Women’s Small Business Month
  • Photographer Appreciation Month

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