Environmental, Social, Safety and Governance

Environmental, Sustainability, Safety and Governance at Port Houston

In 2021, Port Houston’s Commissioners set a corporate goal for 2021 to establish an action plan for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). In the case of Port Houston, the acronym became ES2G as “Safety” criteria were added.

Port Houston conducted a series of workshops known as the Sustainability Action Team (SAT) Workshops. These events engaged Port Houston’s stakeholders on the important question: “What more can Port Houston do to promote sustainability?” From there, a Sustainability Action Plan was developed.

Port Houston recognizes that big challenges require big ideas from its stakeholders and concerted action from its leadership. These initiatives, Sustainability Action Plan and ES2G report, will complement our established and ongoing stewardship activities, making us a stronger organization.


Sustainability Overview

Sustainability Action Plan

ES2G Report