Special Tours

Special tours are provided to certain groups and organizations that align with Port Houston’s strategic priorities, and help promote and develop the greater Port of Houston region.

Special tour requests should be completed with this form and submitted to Port Houston at least 6 weeks prior to the desired tour date.  Requests can be e-mailed to samreservations@poha.com or faxed to 713-673-9087.  A minimum of 40 passengers must also be guaranteed in order for Port Houston to consider the request.

Special tour requests will be reviewed once a month by leadership to determine if in accordance with Port Houston’s policies and budgetary constraints. Port Houston cannot fulfill all tour requests; however, all groups will still have the opportunity to take advantage of our free, public tours, which operate 5 days week.  Additional information about our public tours and reservations can also be found online.

The M/V Sam Houston is an educational tour of one of the busiest and most diverse ports in the world.  It is not available for recreational use, nor is it a ‘party boat’ or ‘cruise.’