Vessel Schedules and Other Information


Terminal Wharf Characteristics can be found here

A Trucker’s Safety Video is available in English and Spanish.

Breakbulk and Project Cargo Vessel Schedule and Arrivals are available.

Port Houston’s tariffs include deferred payment provisions, as set forth in the following subrules:

Tariff No. 8 Subrule No. 049
Tariff No. 14 Subrule No. 055
Tariff No. 15 Subrule No. 057

Gate Information

Port Houston’s Turning Basin facility has three main entrance gates with two located at 111 East loop North.  Gate 1 is for car and small truck traffic only while cargo bay road is primarily used for trucks delivering or leaving the facility with cargo.  The third gate is located on Clinton drive and is accessible to all drivers and cargo traffic.  Please note that this gate is also used for high and wide cargo entering and leaving the port.

The Turning Basin Truck Gate is located at: 300 East Loop North, Houston, TX 77029.

See breakbulk and project cargo terminal gate hours below:

Gate Days Time
TB-Exec Bldg Mon – Fri 0600 -1800
TB – Gate 8 7 DAYS 0600 – 2000
TB – Gate AA Mon – Sat 0600 – 2200
TB – Gate A Mon – Fri 0500 – 2000
TB – Ramp Rd 6 7 DAYS 24 Hours
TB – Ramp Rd 8 Mon – Sat 0600 – 2200
TB – Ramp Rd 9 7 DAYS 0600 – 2200
TB – Cargo Bay Rd 7 DAYS 24 Hours
TB – 18SS Mon – Fri 0600 – 1800
WH – Main Mon – Sat 0600 – 1800
Manchester 7 DAYS 24 Hours

High and Wide Cargo

High and Wide cargo can only delivered and exit the turning basin facility at ramp road 2 near Clinton drive.  Port police will need to be contacted prior to arrival to open gates with stevedore approval.  Port Police can be contacted at 713-670-3600.

Hazardous Cargo

For hazardous cargo information, see Tariff No. 8.

Hurricane Procedures

For information about our hurricane procedures, please contact Colin Rizzo with Port Emergency Management at 713-670-3636.

Rail information

For rail information, contact our truck office and ask to speak to our rail desk at 713-670-2500.